Tips on Making Cafe Menus Stand Out

An ideal cafe menu is one that has a balance of old favourites and new unique dishes. For instance, you may offer a classic cheeseburger, but give the customers an option to top it up with different things like guacamole. Some of the tips for creating outstanding cafe menus are:

Check Out Your Competition

Before you start creating your menu, do research and find out what your competition is doing. Do not follow blindly. You can use the information you find to do something different and improve on what your competition is offering.

Choose the Right Size of Menu

Avoid the temptation of printing a humongous piece of the menu as it will only end up confusing customers. Besides, pushing everything in a small space gives the impression that your cafe is not professional. The rule of the thumb is that the menu should be of a reasonable size that someone can go through within a few minutes.

Use Marketing Tricks

Put the items that you want to sell fast on the front pages of the cafe menu. The human psychology is trained that when people are hungry, they are more likely to pick from the foods that appear first on the menu. You should also have offers, bonuses and loyalty promises on some of your menus so that they keep coming back.

Consider the Font

If you want people to read what you are trying to communicate, you should make sure that the font you have used is legible. Nobody wants to spend their time straining and struggling to see what is written on the menu. Other than font, you should make sure that the ink that is used to write the menu does not rub out.

Be Creative

For your menu to stand out, you should think out of the box. You can decide to use the menu to tell your story and how the cafe came into being. Share personal stories.