Designing Cafe Menus

Cafe menus are more than just a list of foods and the prices. It is a link between yourself and your customers. A well-designed cafe menu is supposed to act as an invite for the customer to try something in the menu.

Why You Need A Well-Designed Cafe Menu

  • Boost sales: When the menu is inviting, there are high chances that people will order, even when the food items are pricier.
  • Create a good brand image: Well-designed menus give the impression that you are serious about your brand and you want to give your customers a good impression.
  • Get good feedback: If your website is pleasing to the eye, customers are likely to order from it and you will get feedback on the food choices you have and how best to improve them.

Qualities of a Good Design for Cafe Menus

  • Good images: People want a visual representation of what the food they want to order looks like. Images go a long way in inspiring people to order a specific meal.
  • Descriptive Do not imagine that people will automatically know what is in the food items. You need to be as descriptive as possible so that customers can know what is in specific meals so that they do not get disappointed once they place their order.
  • Be Subtle: As much as cafe menus should be used as a marketing tool, you should not be so outright that your main intention is to sell as this can be offputting to the customers. Make it less crowded and use words that are visible.
  • Creative: There is no single way that is regarded as perfect when it comes to designing cafe menus. You should however be creative and give your customers a reason to peruse through the menu.